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Can Bluesky Fix The Twitter Blues? w/ Paul Bohm

Episode Summary

Evan and Teleport.XYZ's Paul Bohm discuss Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky project and whether decentralized social media will displace the walled gardens of our current ecosystem.

Episode Notes

Politicians gripe constantly about Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and their ilk. Two years ago, then-CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey pitched Congress that a lot of their complaints could be solved by his project called “Bluesky,” which aims to decentralize social media. The app is now available on iPhone and Android, and hundreds of thousands of users are trying it out. Can we learn any initial lessons from Bluesky? Are decentralized protocols the silver bullet to the endless debates over content moderation and online censorship? Is it really possible for social media to be “owned” by its users? Evan is joined by Paul Bohm, a distributed systems engineer and founder and CEO of Teleport.XYZ. You can read Paul’s blog post on Bluesky here.